Saturday, 25 January 2014

Welcome to my world, won't you come on in.....?

So, welcome. This is my first blog post so I should tell you a little about me, and my plans for this blog.
I am a designer, creator, crafter , maker... all of these have been ongoing pursuits throughout my life, even when I've been working full-time at totally unconnected and uncreative jobs, I have always been 'making'. I have also always been on the move, mainly for work and personal reasons, but over the years I have moved and travelled a lot, and this has really influenced my work and creativity. I have decided to combine my two main passions of creating and travel in this blog which will reflect my travels and the inspirations behind my work. I am also very interested in healthy living, good food and nutrition, simple living which includes gardening, growing fruit ,vegetables, flowers and herbs, recycling, reclamation , upcycling and decorating.
I love music and its therapeutic and regenerative powers, art , painting , photography, architecture, design, colour, pattern, nature, and healthy living. I hope to be able to include a selection of all of these interests in an informative, stimulating and interesting way that will capture your imagination and add a little sunshine to your day.
Thanks for visiting, and do call back again,
Thanks to Jim Reeves for this great song, and hope it brings back happy memories to those who know it, and interest and enjoyment to those hearing it for the first time.

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